Class Information: 

To register your child Please log into your Parent Portal.  Membership is a yearly fee of $50.  Benifits of becoming a member are: 10% class discounts, auto-enrollment, discount on open gyms/specialty classes/camps.  If you wish to decline membership, please email [email protected] after enrolling and we will remove the membership fee. 

Which class is best for you?

Class Descriptions, Length, and Cost:  When picking a class, the cost is for one class day/time a week.  Any class for that family after the initial full price class is 25% off.  

Preschool 1- 25 minute class - $55 /4 weeks
This is a parent tot class.  This class is for children that would not do well without parent assistance.  They can start the class at the age they are walking and running easily until they are comfortable participating without parent assistance.  The preschool 1 group will work on body awareness, balance, and parent child bonding.  Parents are expected to assist their child throughout the class period. 

Preschool 2 -   25 minute class - $55 /4 weeks
The preschool 2 class is for children toddler and preschool aged.  This is 2-4 years of age.  Children should be comfortable participating without parent assistance.  This is an introductory class held in our preschool area.  We will work on body awareness, balance, body positions related to gymnastics (shapes), and an introduction to all the gymnastics events.  Children will progress into the preschool 3 class when they have learned the basics and can demonstrate listening skills, the ability to wait in line and equipment safety.  Coaches will notify parents when they feel they are ready to move up. 

Preschool 3 -  55 minute class - $66/4 weeks 
The preschool 3 class is a transition class to bridge the gap between the preschool 2 class and the beginner 1 class.  It is for children that have succeeded in the preschool 2 class but are not ready for the full length of the beginner 1 class.  This class is held downstairs in the main gym area.  They work the same skills as the beginner 1 class but in shorter bursts of time.  Once the child can successfully complete an entire class period while maintaining focus, participation and listening capabilities they will be progressed to the beginner 1 class.  Coaches will notify parents when they feel they are ready to move up. 

Beginner 1 - 55 minute class - $66 /4 weeks
The beginner 1 class is great for children who are first starting gymnastics and are school aged or the preschool child that has already been exposed to the basics.  I do not recommend this class for children under the age of 4. Skills that are learned in the Koala class are as follows:

Tuck position/jumps
Pike position/jumps
Straddle position/jumps
Forward and backward bunny hops
Forward rolls
Backward rolls
See-Saws-Lever position
Handstand position
Cartwheels over mat
Tuck, Straddle, and Pike hangs (3 seconds each)
Front support with straight arms
Glide swings
Tuck perch on floor bar
Strength drills
Front roll over with straight arms

Walking forward, sideways, and backward
Toe to knee kicks
Bunny hops
Straight jump dismount to C-Position

Three parts of vaulting: sprint, jump, landing
Correct board approach
Squat on vault to a low block/vault
Straddle on vault to 2 blocks

Beginner 2 - 55 minute class  - $66 /4 weeks
The beginner 2 class is for children that have learned all of the skills taught in beginner 1.  The goal of this class is to master those skills and add on to them.  Skills that are learned in the beginner 2 class are as follows:

Jumps- tuck, straddle, pike, wolf, straddle with height and proper form
Forward and Backward rolls in straddle and pike positions
Round offs
Bridge holds

Pull up position strength holds in: tuck, pike and straddle-hold 3 seconds
Pull up pull overs with spot
Casting with hips away from bar
Casting off bar to floor landing
Sole circle on floor bar
V-up drill

Toe to knee kicks-horizontal leg position
T-Scales- 3 second hold
See-Saws-Lever position
Standing pivot turn
Tuck, Pike and Straddle jump dismounts

Underarm swing for board approach
Hop on vault to a two block (higher) vault
Squat on and straddle on to three block vault

Intermediate 1 - 115 minute class - $110 /4 weeks
The intermediate 1 class is for children that have mastered all of the skills learned in the beginner 2 class.  Skills that are learned in the intermediate 1 class are as follows:

Jumps: straight, tuck, pike, straddle, wolf, and split positions with a ½ turn
1/2 toe turns
Back bends
Bridge kick overs
Front limbers
Front rises
Power round-off with straight jump rebound
One arm cartwheels

Pull overs
Power cast
Back hip circles
5 glide swings
Kip drills
Sole circle off low bar

All jumps
Pivot turns
Squat turns
Handstand low beam
Cartwheels low beam
Round off dismount

Hop up onto the vault - 3 blocks or regular vault lowest setting
Squat onto vault
Straddle onto vault
Handstand fall to back on pit with a hallow position
Handstand push to floor with spot

Intermediate 2: -  115 minute class - $110/4 weeks
The intermediate 2 class is for children that have mastered all of the skills in the intermediate 1 class.  Skills that are learned in the intermediate 2 class are as follows:

Full toe turns
Back walk overs
Front walk overs
Twisting jumps with a 3/4 turn
Handstand forward rolls
Back extensions
Power one arm cartwheels

Hop Ups over pit
Cast to 90'
Fly Away from low bar
Full Kip motion with Spot

Jumps with height and proper form
Cartwheel and Handstands on high beam
3/4 toe turns
One arm round-off dismounts
Front Handspring dismounts

Front handsprings over three blue blocks onto pit mat
Straddle over regular vault

Advanced 1/ Pre-Team-  -115 minute class - $110 /4 weeks
The advanced 1 class is for children that have mastered all of the intermediate 2 skills.  Skills that are learned in the advanced 1 class are as follows:

Front Hand Springs
Back Hand Springs
1 toe turns
Switch leaps

Hop ups without pit
Cast Handstands to 145'
Flyaway from high bar

Back walk overs
Aerial dismounts
Front/Back tuck dismounts
Twisting jumps

Front handspring over vault

Advanced 2/ MAGA: 115 minute class - $250/4 weeks/3 times a week
This is our most advanced class.  There are no limits as to what we can work on in this class.  

High School: 145 minute class - $140/4 weeks
This class is offered to 6th grade Byron kids that are looking to join the high school team next year or to the surrounding area high school teams.  We work on skills, skills, and more skills to prepare for the next high school season. 

Tumbling Classes: 55 minute class - $66 /4 weeks
This class is exactly what it suggests .  Learning how to tumble.  From handstands and cartwheels to back handsprings and tucks.  A great class for dancers and cheerleaders that want to improve on their "tricks".

Parkour: 55 minute class  - $66 /4 weeks
Ever watched American Ninja Warrior?  Well many of the skills are part of the Parkour world.  Hurdling, jumping, rolling, climbing, and flipping are all part of this sport.