Class Schedule
Please note: This is a list only of the classes being taught.  This does not represent if the class is full or not.  To find out class availability or to register click on the partent portal above

December Session: The December Session is open for registration through the parent portal.  This is a 3-week session and therefore, fees are prorated. Classes are limited during the high school gymnastics season. Please note there is a membership option.  To be a Brennix member you will pay $50 for your first child and $25 for the next.  Each family will not pay more than $100.  This fee is a yearly membership.  With the membership you will receive: 10% off all classes plus the multiple family child discount, $5 off open gym times, automatic enrollment into the next session, option to have automatic payments made, a Brennix waterbottle for each member and a Brennix window cling for each family.  If you chose not to be a member please click the non-member selection and send an email to have the fee removed before paying. 

Class registration is now a monthly occurance.  All members will be placed in their classes on the 10th of the previous month.  Non-members will then be able to register on the 15th.  Payments need to be complete before the 25th to ensure your spot in the class is held. 

Preschool 1

Preschool 2

Preschool 3

December Sessions ($41.25)
Monday 5:30-5:55 (Erica)

December Sessions ($41.25)
Monday 6:00-6:25 (Erica)
Wednesday 6:00-6:25 (Erica)

December Session ($49.50)
Saturday 11:00-11:55

Beginner 1/Preschool 3

Beginner 1

Beginner 2

December Sessions ($49.50)
Monday 5:30-6:25 (Jacob)
Tuesday 7:30-8:25 (Brett/Sam W.)
Wednesday 5:30-6:25 (Jacob)

December Sessions ($49.50)
Monday 5:30-6:25 (Sam W.)
Wednesday 5:30-6:25 (Sam W.)

December Sessions ($49.50)
Tuesday 7:30-8:25 (Jacob)
Saturday 11:00-11:55 - Beg. 1/2

Short Intermediate 1

Intermediate 1

Intermediate 1/2

December Sessions ($49.50)
Wednesday 5:30-6:25

December Sessions ($82.50)
Saturday 9:00-10:55

December Session ($82.50)
Monday 6:30-8:25 (Erica)
Tuesday 5:30-7:25 (Jacob)
Wedneday 6:30-8:25 (Brett)
Saturday 9:00-10:55



Intermediate 2/Advanced

December Sessions ($250/mo.)
Mon., Tues., Wed.  5:30-8:30
(Nick) (Bre) (Brett)

Friday 5:30-8:00 (Nick) (Bre) (Brett)

December Sessions ($82.50)
Wednesday  6:30-8:25 (Erica)

December Sessions ($82.50)
Tuesday  5:30-7:25 (Brett)