Meet The Coaches
  1. Executive Director
    Breanna Yennie-Litch
    Gym Manager/Supervisor
    My passion in life is coaching. My goal at the gym is to give children self-confidence and core values through the love and commitment of my favorite sport. The only thing I love more than gymnastics is my family. Westin, my son, and my supportive and very understanding husband, David.
  2. Executive Director
    Dominic Taylor
    Coach Lead/Supervisor
    Nick has been coaching since 1980. He has coached club, high school and cheer (tumbling). He also has years of experience as a high school level judge.
  3. Executive Director
    Heather Martinson
    Office Manager/Coach
    Heather is our full-time office manager as well as one of our coaches. She coaches a variety of our classes and has a background in competitive cheer.
  4. Executive Director
    Brett Maronde
    Assistant Coach
    Brett has many hats, depending on the day. He coaches the Rochester dive teams, owns his own company managing rental properties, drives US vets to appointments and now works with us. He coaches beginner to the pre-team level classes.
  5. Executive Director
    Leah Yokiel
    Assistant Coach
    Leah is a student at Byron High School. She has been both a gymnast and manager for the Byron team. She coaches a variety of classes from preschool to intermediate level.
  6. Executive Director
    Makayla McCarty
    Coach Assistant/Office Assistant
    Makayla is a student at Byron High School. She was a varsity floor competitor for the Byron team as well as a competitive cheerleader. She works both in the office for us as well as coaching classes.
  7. Executive Director
    David Yennie-Litch
    Assistant Coach
    Dave helps out with a variety of classes, but his main focus in the gym in Parkour. He works full time at Briese Iron during the day, coaches Parkour and subs many different levels here at the gym.
  8. Executive Director
    Erica Portner
    Asstistant Coach
    Erica is one of our preschool and beginner level coaches. She works for Mayo during the day.
  9. Executive Director
    Lis Blazing
    Assistant Coach/Preschool Level
    Lis is one of our preschool level coaches. She works full time at Mayo during the day and trains for marathons in her free time.
  10. Executive Director
    Sam Weatherly
    Parkour Instructor
    Sam is our resident Parkour guy. He has helped form our program and hopes to expand our Parkour offerings in the future.
  11. Executive Director
    Wendy Lujan
    Office Assistant
    Wendy is our evening office assistant. She also helps coordinate camp activities and subs for the preschool and beginner level classes.
  12. Executive Director
    Paige Fode
    Assistant Coach
    Paige is a student at Byron High School. She was a Byron gymnast all through her school years. She also works at McDonald's, plays soccer and runs track. She plans on attending North Dakota next fall. She coaches in her off season of sports and during the summer.
  13. Executive Director
    Kiersten Olson
    Coach Assistant
    Kiersten is a Senior at Byron High School. She is on the Byron Gymnastics Team. Kiersten has worked at the gym for three years and does a variety of age groups.
  14. Executive Director
    Kasandra McCarty
    Coach Lead
    Kassy is a sophomore at Mankato State. She has been working at the gym for almost four years now and is one of the coach leads.
  15. Executive Director
    Penny McCarty
    Coach Assistant/Office Personnel
    Penny works at Mayo during the day. She has a background in competitive cheer. Penny coaches and helps in the office.